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Langel System


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Mattress · Elevatable Headrests · Viscoelastic · Hybrid

#reinvent the mattress


About this product

  • #REINVENT THE MATTRESS: Designed for new generations who not only sleep, but also read, enjoy series and browse social networks from the comfort of their bed.
  • PATENTED LIFTING HEADS: The head can be raised quickly, independently and easily to different levels, making it easier to read and rest. Manual system.
  • EURO TOP DESIGN: Type of mattress that has an additional layer of padding sewn just above the main base of the mattress. Designed to provide greater comfort and support. Creating a uniform and elegant surface. Composed of 2 layers · THICK 10CM ·
  • LAYER 1 · VISCOELASTIC: Provides pressure relief, adapting to the body in response to heat and pressure to distribute weight evenly. Ideal for relieving pain in sensitive areas such as shoulders, hips and back ·3CM ·
  • LAYER 2 · ADVANCED LGX FOAM: Offers dynamic support that gently adjusts to different sleeping positions, adding an extra layer of support that improves spinal alignment throughout the night. This foam also absorbs movements, allowing for a peaceful and continuous sleep · 7CM ·
  • BASE - POCKET SPRINGS: Ensures independence of movement with individualized support that adapts to the shape of the body, improving air circulation and maintaining a cooler temperature · THICK 16CM ·
  • CONTOUR FOAM: A layer of foam wraps around the entire contour and base of the mattress, stabilizing the structure and offering an elegant Box Spring appearance, eliminating the need for a base sheet and keeping only the one necessary in the Euro TOP.
  • THERMOREGULATING AND BREATHABLE COVER: Promotes a refreshing and healthy sleep by maintaining balanced body temperature and facilitating ventilation. Flexibility and comfort, 300g knitted fabric on surfaces and contour. Not removable cover.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY CONSTRUCTION: All layers are joined together using an insulating cotton pad, eliminating the need for glues, thus optimizing the sustainability of the product.
  • COMPATIBILITY WITH YOUR SHEET: Place your usual sheet on top. (Preferably adjustable).
  • BOX SPRING STYLE BASE: You will like it so much that you will prefer to leave the base of the mattress exposed and place only the sheet on the last Topper or Euro Top layer.
  • You can also add our contour sheet to the base if it is Euro Top in the case of the Hybrid mod or your * fitted sheet if it is a Topper.
  • Tip, you can also place your current sheet on the base, in the case of Euro Top, *mod Hybrid leaving the adjustable contour between the base and the topper, let's say the other way around.
  • Not removable cover
  • Raise the heads "Always" from the central part "No" from the ends
  • Let it breathe 24 hours before use · Elimination of wrinkles in the first days.